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How to stay healthy while working from home?

How to stay healthy while working from home?
Home is where the art is - Anonymous

Believe It or not, but working from home is much easier, being slouch on your couch all day long, in your trousers and tapping on your laptop, cook healthy meals or do workout whenever you want. “Best of both worlds” right?

But the reality is another way around, with the freedom and flexibility of working in a productive environment; it also becomes hard to cope up, when both life and work are happening in the same space, with numerous distractions such as household chores, kids and pets demanding attention, the temptation for Netflix and many more.

Thus it becomes necessary to consciously structure your environment to promote healthy habits. Here are some ways by which you can avoid stumbling blocks and maximize the benefits of working from home while staying fit and healthy at the same


Create a designated work area – set up a separate work area designated solely for your work that could keep you productive and professional. Prefer to pick up a clean and quiet spot with minimal distraction. It will trigger your mindset.

Schedule your day – Create a crucial schedule and set up working hours, startup time, lunch break, shutdown time, as same as your official working hours, this will not only benefits your mental health but will also improve the quality of work. Try to stick to this schedule as much as possible in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Prep meals and snacks- it’s difficult to concentrate on your work when you are hungry, it’s easy to wander into the kitchen and treat yourself with delicious junk foods. Keep your temptations away and stock up your pantry with healthy fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

Schedule a workout into your calendar- Don’t forget to take advantage of your flexible working hours. Do schedule a workout hour too while preparing a schedule for your working hour, whether schedule it before your working hour, during a lunch break or after your work hours. Get yourself a good workout.

Give your eyes a rest- it’s not healthy to strain your eyes by sitting in front of your computer screen all day long. Give your eyes a few minutes after every hour to take rest, just by closing them for a few minutes, this will make your mind stress free and your body happy.

Change your dress as you are going to the office- you might be tempted to forget the shower and stay around in your pajamas all day. It’s not good for productivity. Shower before you start working and dress with an outfit that you would prefer before you step out of your house. It will help out you to get out of your lazy mindset


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