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"A patient of 56 years age a female with medical history of diabetes and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. Her treatment was planned with extensive breast surgery along with targeted therapy. She is on follow up now and supportive therapy including Immutide forte as per advice since 2017 itself. So now it has been almost 25 months with reported use of Immutide forted her blood sugar level is good and no recurrence without any side effect."

"A patient of 45 years old Female with history of Uterine cancer was given surgical treatment with chemotherapy. After surgery i.e.  Uterus Removal, patient was given chemotherapy and kept on supportive treatment. The disease free survival rate more that 1.5 yrs and patients prognosis is good as she is on immutide forte and follow up. Her Medical oncologist has prescribed immutide forte 1od which is boon since last 22 months to her and is continuously  taking without any major side effects."

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