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What are ingredients of Immutide forte?

"Graviola extract, lycopene, omega 3 fatty acids, green tea extract, l-lysine, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants"

Enumerate key benefits of Immutide forte?

Key benefits of Immutide forte:-
1.) Anticancer activities’@
2.) precancerous conditions and disorders like Oral submucous fibrosis, lichen planus oral dysplasis etc
3.) Graviola and other comorbidities

How to use Immutode forte?

Take Immutide Forte Capsule as directed by the physician.

How is graviola acting as anticarcinogenic agent?

Graviola Extract: Acetogenins(A Phytochemicals) are potent inhibitors of NADH oxidase of the plasma membranes of cancer cells.

What is mode of action followed by lycopene as anticarcinogenic agent?

Lycopene: Lycopene treatment Inhibits cancer cell growth and induces apoptosis by suppressing ERK signaling pathway.

What is role of omega 3 fatty acid in oncology?

Omega3 fatty acids: induce apoptosis in a variety of human cancer cell lines

Can green tea extract be used as anticarcinogenic agent?

Yes definitely Green tea Extract contain polyphenol, catechin epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), show that it may interfere with several processes involved in cell replication, causing tumor cell death

What does L-lysine do as anti cancer component in immutide forte?

L-lysine: exhibits anticancer activities against certain cancer cells through electrostatic interactions through the key biochemical processes

Does immutide forte contain anticancer supplement?

Vitamin and Minerals are considered as potent anticancer supplement, prophylactic role, chemoprotective and aid in nuclear acid metabolism, cell repair proceses

What is antioxidant benefit from immutide forte?

Antioxidant properties help to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals countering the severe cellular oxidative stress

What is botanical name of GRAVIOLA?

A. muricata is botanical name of Graviloa.

Enumerate main uses of Graviola the main ingredient of Immutide forte.

Different parts of A. muricata/Graviola can be used to treat conditions such as :
• Diabetes
• coughs
• skin diseases
• cancers
• precancerous conditions
• arthritis
• hypertension
• snake bite
• diarrhea
• headache
• malaria
• antimicrobial
• anti-inflammatory
• antiprotozoan
• antioxidant
• insecticide
• larvicide
• cystitis
• hypertension
• liver diseases
• antidysenteric
• antispasmodic agents
• chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic
• Antinociceptive,
• Antiarthritic
• Immunomodulatory
• Wound Healing Activities

What is main ingredient in immutide forte?

Graviola is a small evergreen tree; widely grown and distributed in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Scientific name: Graviola (Annona muricata) . It is a small deciduous tropical evergreen fruit tree, belonging to the Annonaceae family. In foods, graviola is used in cooking and beverages. Graviola contains many chemicals that may be active against cancer


What all components of graviola can be used in healthcare industry as miracle in world of oncology?

Uses of graviols:-
1.) Taking graviola with ellagic acid has antiviral activity against high-risk HPV.
2.) It might also prevent precancerous cells from becoming worse in women with high-risk HPV.
3.) A. muricata-derived compounds have proven linked in studies on various cancer cell lines to a variety of anticancer effects including
* Cytotoxicity,: a cytotoxic drug is an agent that has destructive actions on cells
* Induction of apoptosis: programmed cell death,
* Necrosis: death of cells
* Inhibition of proliferation
4.) A. muricata extracts, and AGEs have been shown to regulate the cell cycle machinery, leading to cell cycle arrest and inhibition of cell proliferation in cancer cells where normal cell cycle process is impaired, resulting in uncontrolled cell proliferation.
Acetogenins or other A. muricata-derived compounds could be tested as monotherapy or as sensitizers in combination with standard cancer treatments for cancer patients

What all cancer are currently being treated with use of graviola products?

A. Different solvent extracts of A. muricata/Graviola and their reported anticancer activities in following cancer are reported in literature : Cervical cancer Melanoma Colorectal cancer Lung cancer Pancreatic cancer Hepatic cancer Breast cancer Leukemia Laryngeal cancer Glioma Stomach cancer Squamous cell carcinoma Ovarian cancer HNSCC