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Are you curious to be aware of, “why some people fall ill a lot often than the others?”

Here’s the answer, to your wondering: each person has its own immunity strength, some people have low immunity, and hence they are more prone to diseases. Elders and infants have low immunity, thus, they fall victim to different infections more easily.

Immunity is a state of having adequate biological defenses to prevent the development of infections, diseases and other unwanted biological invasions in an organism. Thus,

“Stronger the immunity, wealthier the health"

You might have taken your immune system for granted, in fact, it is the one, working silently on the horizon, protecting you from numerous bacteria, viruses, germs, and other microbes. It’s a primary weapon to fight against all kinds of diseases. The healthy immune system, naturally, lets your body itself, to fight against these microbes.

Our goal is to uplift the immunity as much as possible, with the right sort of diet and preventive measures. Here are some of the ways to charge your immunity efficiently:

Zinc: Add zinc to your diet. Zinc is a nutrient that increases the activation of cells responsible for invading various infections; viruses and bacteria. It primarily activates the enzymes that prevent viruses from replicating.

Adequate sleep: An adequate hour of sleep (7-8 hours each night) is the best cure for anything. Our bodies repairs and renew cells when we sleep. The insufficient amount of sleep and irregular sleeping pattern causes inflammation and lowers the immunity level.

Keep yourself hydrated: Water helps in supplying oxygen to each cell of your body and keeps every cell oxygenated. Drinking enough water is one of the most effective ways to remove toxins from the body, hence prevents toxins from damaging your immune system, accordingly enhancing immunity.

Vitamin C and D: Intake of vitamin C and D in any form trigger the immunity level of a person. These vitamins regulate both innate and adaptive immune system to identify and destroy the pathogens quickly, that enters our body.

Quit Alcohol and smoking: oxygen levels, blood circulation, and inflammation got highly affected by smoking, therefore, leaving your immune system unfit to fight against infections. Alcohol disrupts your immune system as well, in a terrific way.

Workout: Workout not only makes your body stronger but also stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid, which travels to each and every cell and tissue of the human body, as a consequence, flushes bacteria, toxins, waste products, and cancer cells out of the body. Lymphatic fluid also delivers nutrients to all possible cells of a human body. Thus exercising not only reduces the weight but boosts your immune system as well as prevents you from easily catching infectious diseases.

Balanced Diet: it is highly recommended to consume foods with high antioxidant levels such as fruits, vegetables, turmeric, tulsi, and whole grains. These components are rich source of antioxidants and phytonutrients that has the potential to neutralize free radicals from the body.

Do your best to strengthen your immunity and give your body an even better magnitude to fight against multifarious infections and diseases.

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